Equinox Africa has been created on 20th of March 2018, also known as the Vernal Equinox, as the offspring of a mature career track, ongoing since more than 25 years, where the experience of seasoned ICT people and passion for the old continent finally came together in creating a business for people by people.

We are facilitators when it comes to create traction for your business in Africa, through our consultancy offers, where we advice you on the best fit ICT approach for your business case, taking into account challenges of the country you are targeting. We call it #InnovationApplied.

We are specialised in Entreprise Resource Management and believe to bring unique Hardware and Software solutions to the market, via our selected partnerships, in the area of #InternetofThings and #RFID. Our solutions can be on-site or hosted over #Cloud solutions. We rely on the best Technology partners in the market. Refer to our PrimeXpert and InteraXion service components for more detail on the areas where we can deliver expertise.

We can drive your various initiatives into the different marketplaces by tailored Marketing campaigns, where we partner with experts reaching as far as into the MEA space.

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We care about AFRICA, which is why we support GREEN initiatives.