Our first aim was to gather people around the table, that demonstrate the same drive to transform business ideas into profitable business, but with a focus on penetrating the African market. All our (managing) partners come out of this background and have developed several ICT and CxO skills for many years, which we believe combined with your ideas, will shorten significantly the development cycle.


Recent Positions

  • Independent Business Consultant for Leading LEA supplier, with focus on Algeria
  • Project Director for Major ICT Company in South Africa
  • Executive Director for MAONO, IT skills provider in RDC/Congo
  • Non-Executive Director in Business Development company in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
  • Managing Director for Dimension Data Algeria (2009 – 2015). Working as independent consultant for Dimension Data, in 2016 driving a managed wind-down of the in-country operations, compliant with Algerian administration, finance laws and commercial implications for the Dimension Data group.


More than 25 years of experience in the Telecoms and Datacom area, focused on bringing pragmatic solutions to the table, be it technical, operational or business wise. Experienced in building teams from the ground up, rolling out corporate strategies, for well-known operators in this space, and acting as a key player for Dimension Data in Algeria for more than 13 years.

Providing IT consultancy to government and enterprise portfolio for leading players in that market with focused touch on Algeria and the DRC/Congo area. Rolled out several proposals for Datacenter and Security oriented projects within that area. Associate to many leading companies in that space.


  • Defining and rolling out a sales strategy, in line with technical requirements, working at CTO or CxO level
  • Operational management in-line with budgets. Assisting in defining such budgets and meeting targets, CFO level
  • General day-to-day Management with a strong focus on Emerging Markets
  • Setting up support and in-country organizations in line with the company’s service offering (24x7x2) and enhancing the overall profits and reach into the market