We create high performance cloud infrastructures, either on-premise, on public or hybrid cloud platforms, in order to maximize performance and security of your information systems while lowering costs, or to create IoT platforms that gather huge numbers of technical data from sensors and wearable devices, and to deliver mobile enterprise apps that stand out for usability and efficiency.

For a quick wrap-up on how to explain Cloud computing and platforms, we have made available following link to you, courtesy of Salesforce.com. We at Equinox Africa have over more than 25 years of combined experience when it comes to building Datacenters, migrate applications and offer secure access over Cloud, which is why we developed a specific service offering towards bringing you into the Cloud;


Cloud Advisory

The path to successfully adopting cloud infrastructure is not without its challenges. We work with our customers to build their business case for cloud, road-map a strategy, support it with industry leading technical expertise and execute on it with precision.

Public Cloud

We partner with Best in Class Providers and advise you on the best approach to leverage your investment in access to the next Digital Highway, interconnecting Mobile and IoT to strategic business resources.  Leveraging the latest in open source cloud infrastructure technology, we will work with your company to understand the specific performance requirements, design and prototype architectures and deploy new network services as software.

Private Cloud

Exploring optimal infrastructure consumption models, whether for new application development or more efficient IT operations, we will work with you to design, implement and manage a custom tailored OpenStack private cloud solution for your business.