IoT goes beyond the private sector; it has wide-ranging implications and benefits for military logistics and supply chain management. Connected devices in the military revolutionise modern warfare by leveraging automation, Big Data and analytics. This will provide greater lethality and survivability for military,  while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Military logistics networks face a battle when using outdated, manual processes to track and manage assets. Rather than leaving many supplies, assets and resources in potentially hostile territories after tactical missions, military forces need a way to gain accurate, real-time visibility and accountability into their logistics’ networks.

RFID has been deployed across military supplies and assets, including aircraft, tanks, weapons and ammunition, soldiers and equipment. We have demonstrated the use of the technology in the Testimonials section of our website.  The information collected by RFID tags is significant, but its value remains limited if the data remains in silos, isolated from other data sources. Its true potential can only be realized when connected to other sensors and asset management systems via an Internet of Things platform.

We assist our clients with the integrating of different Technology components (RFID, IoT, GPS) and deliver highly integrated and interconnected solutions to track, monitor and deploy resources.