Believe us, no single business idea started without people. Chances are big you are going to sell it to other people no ? Better be the right people from the start on, which is where Equinox Africa helps out. Through privileged partnerships we bring tailored solutions and advice to you, because we believe one size does not fit all !



Consulting : PrimeXpert

Our executives are active in the CxO area since more than 25 years bringing knowledgeable pragmatic and tailored solutions to the table. Our knowledge network spans the whole African continent and our ICT skills help in defining the best of breed approach to your industry.

We have references in

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Offerings
  • Datacenter solutions
  • Energy Management and Green Power
  • IoT and RFID Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Building maintenance offerings

Development : InteraXion

Looking to start Import-Export activity in any African country ? Want to avoid lengthy learning cycles with regards to local regulations and avoid the infamous African Bribe for success formula ? Then we believe our network of suppliers and influential people can help you out. We act as a facilitator for many types of Businesses and have experience in following fields :

  • ICT ; Taxation, Lawful Intercept solutions, Infrastructure building blocks
  • Strategic Resources ; IoT and RFID Military tracking
  • Natural Resources ; Tropical Wood, Cacao, Coffee or development of  “the complete supply chain building block”
  • Networking ; Maybe you have the right approach but are missing a few links to get the job done. We have an extensive network on the old continent which we can put at your disposal.


Marketing & Regulation : PubliX


The best kept secret is not what you want to sell. Equinox Africa is engaged in the full business cycle, from idea over roll-out, supply and promote.

Our activities together with our Partners address the following challenges,  ;

  • PR & Press Services
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Marketing
  • GDPR in the context of Cybersecurity and Cloud 
    • ‘Controllers’ and ‘processors’ of data need to abide by the GDPR Regulation that has come in place since 25th of May 2018 in the EU. Not your concern I hear you think. Do the test here and see how this might be impacting you!
    • A data controller states how and why personal data is processed, while a processor is the party doing the actual processing of the data. So the controller could be any organisation, from a profit-seeking company to a charity or government. A processor could be an IT firm doing the actual data processing.Even if controllers and processors are based outside the EU, the GDPR will still apply to them so long as they’re dealing with data belonging to EU residents.It’s the controller’s responsibility to ensure their processor abides by data protection law and processors must themselves abide by rules to maintain records of their processing activities. If processors are involved in a data breach, they are far more liable under GDPR than they were under the Data Protection Act.

Industry Solutions

Equinox Africa is a Connected Integrator, offering focused solutions for various industries and guiding the client into integrating these components into a Enterprise Information System, where all elements of your business process are interconnected and not any longer stove-pipe solutions being added to your core business.

We work to interconnect and sharing the data, which is in essence the role of any IoT environment, into the world of Digital Transformation. We are active in the area of :

To achieve our goals we have carefully selected components adequate to your Industry sector and work towards an end-to-end solution, over our various consulting offerings.