technology-servers-server-159282.jpegDo you still believe that one size fits all ? It is probably not the case when you grow out of your favourite clothes and definitely not the case when it comes to ever changing economic dynamics towards your business idea and the market you try to penetrate. At Equinox-Africa we believe the best fit model to correspond to this world to be the Enterprise Agile* Network a combination of in-house expertise together with the best-fit marketing and operations model in-country, ICT applied to it, we call it #InnovationApplied.

The core competitiveness of an enterprise in this era depends increasingly on how well that enterprise can rapidly respond to customer requirements, adapt to (changing) market conditions, and whether it can achieve higher end-to-end enterprise efficiency than its competitors. In the last 200 years since the Industrial Revolution, enterprise efficiency improvement has gone through significant phases of mechanical technology and management structure theory transformation, both of which have reached a point of diminishing return and decreased impact. In the last 20 years, digital transformation, led by ICT, has become the propellor of transformation for improving enterprise efficiency.

The boom in this digital era of leveraging technology has led to unparalleled digital efficiency being achieved and is creating easier access and competitive advantage to highly-adaptable market newcomers.

Equinox-Africa partners with selected Technology Partners to deliver perfectly timed solutions to your market:  We believe to have the best fit network and are capable to model your business idea in an applicable ICT solution, promote and roll-it-out through our network of “solution” partners, providing customized staffing services for our clients.

#InnovationApplied allows organizations to improve their operational capability so they may execute better. It is all about creating an adaptable future-proof organisation. You can opt for the complete end-to-end cycle together with us, or decide that one of our pillars like #InteraXion, #PrimeXpert or #Pubix will suit your needs. Whatever suits your needs ;

It’s not about which is better. It’s about what is right for your context.